Here we are in our glass bubbles of

Homes and automobiles 

Disconnected from our mother 

Mother Earth 

Inebriated by contentment 

Ensnared by the pursuit of money 

Forgetting our fellow creatures 

Forsaking our vanquished planet 


The Okapi forages in the once

Abundant forest 

The Binturong clings to the branch of

A dying tree

The Manatee is morbidly wounded by

A fisherman's boat

The Vaquita is washed up on

A polluted shore


Your tender Mother is weeping 



  • Neville

    we certainly need to be much more aware of how we are often inadvertently harming the planet, and the effect we have on the health, safety and well being of other species with which we share precious but limited resources.... a poem with a message to us all..


      Thanks Neville for your support. I've had this one in mind for a couple of weeks. My wife is deeply involved in the conservation of endangered species, and she has been my inspiration to open my eyes to the world around me.

      Most of us have taken our planet for granted as we go about our daily lives. Humanity has a long way to go in order to heal the scars this planet has received from us.

      • Neville

        absolutely my friend and much respect to your wife....

      • dusk arising

        It is maddening to see politicians indifferent to the life of our mother planet.
        She sustains us whilst we rape and abuse.
        More voices such as yours must begin to be heard on this subject.

        • LAWLESS

          Thanks dusk!

          Luckily people like my wife are being listened to. I'm pleased to write this poem with her in mind.

          The Binturong and Okapi are favorites of mine. The Okapi is extraordinarily beautiful, while the Binturong is exceptionally bizarre.

        • psychofemale

          sad....i could feel the pain in your words.

          • LAWLESS

            Thanks for feeling this one. It took me a while to feel the way I wanted to in order to write this. It then came easily to me.

          • kevin browne

            The suffering of species caused by the human race is relentlessly cruel, yet I still have the belief for the human race, The planet has the power to carry on regardless of all the intensely damage we cause. We have survived through everything which has been thrown at us, yet we still survive. although we seriously need to clean our acts up. A caring poem for the survival of all creatures on Earth.

            • LAWLESS

              Thank you kevin for the thoughtful comment.

              We can change things before it's too late. People like my wife are educating others to be more aware of the environment, especially when it comes to endangered animals.

            • Goldfinch60

              So very true Lawless.

              If you walk with nature it can be so wonderfully inspiring,

              • LAWLESS

                People complain that zoos are terrible places with animals as prisoners, I disagree. My wife is a supervisor at one and educates the public concerning conservation. I believe it's important for them to see the animals up close, and realize how amazing they are. Plus they seem like very happy creatures.

                Thanks as always for popping in.

                • Goldfinch60

                  Your wife has a wonderful career and to educate the public about wildlife is a great way to use it.

                • orchidee

                  A fine write L. it's educational on 'ere too, ya know, having looked up Vaquita - and the other guys you mention too!

                • orchidee

                  A fine write L. it's educational on 'ere too, ya know, having looked up Vaquita - and the other guys you mention too! I baffle some folk by saying 'We have cavies' (guinea pigs).

                  • LAWLESS

                    Thanks G.P.D. for you and your fur balls stopping by.

                    Keep looking up those endangered species before they're gone. And throw in a few prayers for them while you're at it!

                    Don't swoon over "fur balls" I didn't mean it that way!

                  • Fay Slimm - - (real name)

                    Oh the power in these words Johnny - - - the read filled me with shame and brought me near teats for our abused Mother and all the lives that now suffer. Sad beyond words is this outcry my friend.

                    • LAWLESS

                      I'm glad my words had that effect on you. They come from my experiences with animals and our environment. Bicycling is a great way to see both.

                      I was able to touch an Okapi once; I fell in love with her immediately.

                      Thank you for your heartfelt comment.

                      • LAWLESS

                        What I meant to say is I'm glad my poem effected you that way. More people need to have compassion for the planet like you.

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                      • Candlewitch

                        thank you for this post, Lawless. can you send it to Trump? or maybe hit him over the head with it?

                        *hugs, Cat
                        ever, eddy

                        • LAWLESS

                          You're welcome.

                          Thanks for choosing this one as a favorite and commenting. I know how you feel about our Mother Earth.

                          Trump is no Teddy Roosevelt, that's
                          for sure!

                        • Syd

                          I share your views Lawless. Those first few lines really drew me in.

                          - Syd

                          • LAWLESS

                            Thanx Syd.

                            The first stanza comes from my thoughts while bicycling. We get stuck in our glass bubbles of homes, workplaces, and cars, forgetting where we really are. We get lost in this technology. We all need to spend more time outdoors.

                          • Laura


                            A fine write about a subject much needed to be paid attention to!
                            It’s up to all of us to wipe away the tears from our “tender Mother” and make Her smile!

                            Thank you for sharing!


                            • LAWLESS

                              Hello again Laura. Thank you for your kind comment.

                              Mother Earth has been through the ringer many times. We are just another virus that she has to contend with.

                              I hope that we can wipe away the snot and the tears in order to make her healthy again. We are slowly getting there.

                            • Caleb.A

                              Beautiful, this piece puts the cause at the centre of our hearts.

                              • LAWLESS

                                Thanks again. I’ve been busy bicycling and studying “Tao Te Ching”.

                                Be well

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