To Live Freely

Am I perfect?

No, I am not.

Do I count myself sinless?

Certainly not

I do not mean,

to cast myself,

as a religious zealot.

Nor do I intend,

to upset others.

Am I passionate?

Definitely so

Yes, I am made righteous,

through Christ Jesus,

and so is anyone else,

who has Christ Jesus.

Still, I am not self-righteous.

Do I sin?



that does not,

make me a sinner.

I was a sinner,

before accepting Christ,

but in recieving salvation,

I was made righteous by him.

So my question,

comes to this.

Do I think,

I am better than others?

No, I do not,

but I am better off than others,

and with Christ,

I live better than others,

and so does anyone else,

who is in Christ Jesus.

This is not an opinion.

Rather it is the truth,

and the truth manifests itself.

I am far from being better,

than the next man.

For there is neither,

Jew nor Greek,

slave nor free,

male or female,

for we are all,

one in Christ Jesus.

We are all one,

so long as we,

have Christ Jesus.




  • Claudelle DeLuna

    Excellent! Dion
    the answer our savior
    Blessed day,

    • ForeverJesus6

      Thank you. It is good that I can count on you to leave me your opinions. May the Lord bless you.
      Persistence is key

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