His eyes

Heather Harrisson

Bright and deep they draw me in,
Murky yet clear, like speckled water.
Filled with intrigue, secret things,
Holding treasure or a rich man’s daughter.

Flecks of light scatter throughout,
A concert of fans on their phones,
Cheers and laughter seeping through,
Adding to the different tones.

To choose a colour was hard,
Were they brown or army green?
Were they gold or silver?
Were they hazel or aquamarine?

A kaleidoscope of shades
All crammed in together
Fighting for the limelight
Circling round forever

They seem to swim and move,
As I try to count them all,
But there’s millions and billions,
They fascinate and enthral.

I feel as if pulled in,
Attached by a fine thread,
To the soul behind the eyes,
My curiosity must be fed.

Crinkled edges pulled in tight,
Webbed lines of history stretch out,
Some of ecstasy, some of pain,
All intertwined, impossible to count.

Dark rimmed with long lashes,
Curling simply, framing perfection,
Look closer inside, as if in a mirror,
Seeing images of reflection.

Coloured rings, surrounding,
The centre dark, empty yet filled
With emotions and thoughts
Laughter to never be stilled.

The blank, pale parts,
Often described as 'white',
Glowed warmly, softly, gently,
Veins tracing his sight.

If he changed his expression,
His eyes would change too.
Hardening or softening,
Sometimes sharpening too.

His eyes like precious orbs,
Drew the attention of many,
And several tried their best,
To claim them more than any.

But he outright refused,
To simply 'give' them away,
Using them to search,
For someone who could pay.

To win his eyes approval,
Seemed nigh impossible 
His disdain often shown,
His boredom more than visible.

But after quite some time,
I guess I came along,
And wore him down gradually,
It took me four years long.

I acted disinterested,
As if his eyes held no value,
As if I didn't sneak those glances,
But my attraction was quite true.

And gradually I noticed,
As I stole a peak or three,
I would quite often find him,
Looking right back at me.

And as time passed some more,
Our eyes met and seemed to merge,
His own boring into my soul,
Causing excitement to surge.

Then finally they claimed me,
And took me as their own.
They reached inside and drew me
Into my most wanted home.

He had chosen who he wanted,
And I had chosen him,
A one in a million pairing,
My chances had been slim.

But now his eyes were mine,
The ones that could drown kings.
The ones that had fought battles,
And never struggled to win.

I owned those precious jewels 
And would keep them for myself,
Never allowing their beauty,
To go to someone else.

I make sure to keep them fixed,
Securely to my own.
Swirling with the colours,
Twirling with the tones.

And they never once have left me.
Peering in the deep,
They draw the good within me,
Out for him to keep,

We match each other perfect,
The pull strong like a magnet,
From his eyes to mine,
He stole them like a bandit.

But still after all this time,
I can look into his soul,
Through his eyes glowing brightly,
Hypnotising all.

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  • prettylittlepoet

    This is so good, I love it

  • Rayne_Man

    I love this, I was almost expecting the end to be heartbreak, but this is what I wish for some day. Gives me hope!

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