Paternal Link Forfeited And Forsaken!

Irreparable father/daughter bond,
particularly with eldest an ache
that reinforces inadequacy,
keeps yours truly awake,
more so now versus

countless years elapsed,
when cherished bond did break
since ample hours prevail,
while said progeny
(i.e. star student) diligently accomplishes,

successful swansong swimmingly
freestyle with her (man) drake
near perfect match, who will never
induce emotional earthquake,
perhaps most readers would

write me off as a flake,
whose offspring (averred

same one) understandably
discarded every keepsake
from this papa, who reckons

this boomerang fallout,
finds me gasping for air as if
drowning in a murky lake
and airs woe, which crimps
self assessment make

king (mentally revisiting trysts),
an irreversible mistake
promulgating additional regret

atop how I did muckrake
a chunk of existence,
without revealing namesake
of responsive gals, whose
memory of concupiscence,

which might be dulled and opaque
I hold myself myself totally culpable
enduring (just dessert -
yeah....actually cake)
since impetus emanated squarely

on these slumped shoulders

torturous punishment doth rake
hot coals over blistering soul
some days...not caring
if aye live or die
although deliberate demise, would shake

into bajillion jagged fractures,
the mental health of youngest
(no matters rarely sees her

papa...professes unbreak
cobble love (undeserved),

thus asper daily effort
to expunge grievousness
self inflicted, which
nobody can unmake...

(also upon spousal) hurt
short lived Casanova days
will keep this bloke wide awake
even after gratefully dead.



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