Maladaptive Daydream

Gorgeous open sky, wanting to be seen 

but rarely do we gaze up to that screen, 

head down and fettered with things,

like a maladaptive daydream... 


The mind is a lonely ship, drifted north 

and lost its compass, 

roaming seas of clouds and heaven 

what of solitude and sailing


and it can see all the imaginary things, 

maybe pretty but often mourning 

its never seen another ship. 


But the sky is gorgeous and clear tonight, 

and the ship gazes up and sees, 

truly sees, 

the sky and the stars and the everything 


The ship, with star maps out, then finds 

a homely port not far from there, and sails 

with every wail of the wind 

to where 

it meets the pier.





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