What Will Happen If ......

What Will Happen If

The Human specie disappeared

The earth will still revolve around its axis
Causing day and night on its surface
The planet will still elliptically circle the sun
Causing the seasons, life's nourishment
The rain will still fall, and the rivers flow
The plants will still grow and fruit and flower
The birds will still sing, and the insects hum
Mammals and the animals will still roam amid
The forests that will still lushly cover the land
The oceans, where the life began, will churn
Continuing with its amazing eco system
Of abundant blue green algae, krill and coral
Teaming with microbes, fish and mammals
Life will continue to evolve with each passing day
Causing birth and rebirth and survival above all
And upon extinction of one, others will be born

Alas! The annihilator, we humans are still here


  • Candlewitch

    spectacular poem! we humans are working hard to destroy our paradise home. I wish and dream of hope!

    *hugs, Cat

    • Suresh

      We, who are the most intelligent, have become the creator, but even more regrettably, the uncaring annihilator.

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