Thank You

I want to say thank you,
Thank you for changing
Thank you for surviving,
Thank you for taking your time to realize what you left behind.
Thank you for glowing and we're not talking about looks
Thank you for realizing your mindset because you are not a crook.


Thank you for staying strong
Thank you for running that extra mile,
Taking your time to see your flaws.
Thank you for changing and I will say it again
If you would have never done this who knows where you would of been.
You would of been in jail, maybe prison
Your four year old son would of thought you were hidden. 


Is that what you wanted
Or were you just not thinking?
Did you really think it was right the life you were living?
Robbing people
Selling drugs
Acting like you are some kind of thug?
You are a lady so I thank you for changing
because you know that life was very draining. 


Thank you for living your life
Thank you for stopping the violance
Thank you for noticing even if you can fight, walking away doesn't mean you don't have spice.
Thank you for saying no to drinking,
Thank you for quiting smoking,
Thank you for being good to people
Thank you for copeing.


Thank you for letting god into your life
Thank you for showing grace
Thank you for smiling, taking that look off your face.
Thank you for working and going to school
Thank you for stop acting like a fool.
A good mother that's what you are
So keep moving
Stay Strong
Your future is not far along.

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