The memories of two lost souls


No one sees the hurt behind his eyes

No one sees the scars beneath her sleeves

No one sees the people they truly are 

They just see the people they long to be


No one knows that he is abused

No one knows she struggles to sleep

They just see the rebel with nothing to say

And the head cheerleader who’s ready to please


No one will know they meet in secret

No one need know they can’t see a future 

Because they both have something they are hiding 

And it’s that they have no plans to see tomorrow


He wrote the letter which they both signed

She packed the bags for the police to find

They both slipped out their windows that night

Neither of them planning to say goodbye


The police found their bodies in the woods the next day

The empty bottles surrounding their memories

The letter was between them clasped in their hands

A last farewell to the ones they left behind


Two months later no one remembered 

Who they were and what they did

Their secrets and story  now six feet under

Buried with them forever and ever


  • psychofemale

    wow, such a heart felt, sad write. lovely.

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