The Raging Wind

Notice of absence from BLACKGOLDKING
Sorry if I can't reply,
Im busy taking care of England, The World, The Universe. Please do care to join me
.Thank you.

Always remember : kindness is key, faith is everything and prayer is paramount.
Hope you Enjoy my poems.

Sat staring out the window a young decadent mind looks onwards

Grasping the harsh world outside

The fierce wind blows around with every thought captured

Each second leading to a deep and bewildering framework of possibilities

The endless maze of branches sway with a splintering crackle as leaves are flying around back and forth

Resembling an endless flow of beauty and enchantment 

The Raging Wind

A domineering force blasts through every walk of life taking down all it sees in its path

Scattering the leaves of thought and braking the branches of life into a new existence  


  • sylviasearcher

    Back and forth
    Resembling the endless flow of beauty and enchantment...

    Until 'the raging wind' took my breath.

    Good write

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