Breathing in sync, deep and heavy,

your weight on top of mine and mine

on top of yours. Play, venturing,

tumbling down a magical

path, unpredictable. Silk draped

across your skin, dragged across the

sheets. Your heaviness on me, your

body swallowing my heart whole.


Eyes wide with pleasure, gasping and

grasping for your body, clutching

the silk sheets that lay disheveled

beneath us. The bed a mess,your

hair wet with sparkling sweat, ruffled

like the silk that we lay on. Drip

by drip I'm overcome; then by

tsunami I'm in love with you.


Hands gently caress, your soft touch

on my skin, soothing my bruises 

and healing me. Your body strong

and pushing, weighing me down but

freeing me all the same. Your back

arches as we collide and it

feels good. Eyes still wide, blue, staring

lustfully into mine - we finish together,


your silk skin slipping over mine, released.


  • Neville

    a seemingly well crafted bit o erotic poetry.. perfectly poemed in my humble opinion..... Neville

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