Yet, This Is What I Have To Say

Oh vanity, vanity,

all is vanity!

I weep for this generation.

I am not referring only to those,

born in this generation,

but also to what is in this generation.

Oh the church -

the bride of Christ -

You have done,

so much for me.

Never would I degrade you.

Yet, this is what I have to say about you.

I weep for you.

There was once a time,

when the power of the Holy Spirit moved you.

Now, you rarely teach the Bible.

Now, it is as if,

you are in a cold war with each other -

a race to see whose church is bigger -

a race to see whose church is nicer.

There is nothing wrong nice churches,

nor big churches.

We must spread the gospel,

but I must say.

Do not make the worldly things,

of you your priority.

Oh vanity, vanity,

all is vanity!

It saddens that it looks,

as though all hope is lost.

Oh Israel, Oh Israel,

I love you.

Yet, this is why I weep for you.

I do not weep over your land,

so much as I do your people.

To the jews in this world -

many of you have forgotten your nation.

You let others fool you,

into going against your own country.

To those of Israel -

many of you are scared,

to proclaim Jesus as the Son of God,

because it goes against,

what you were taught.

Vanity, vanity,

all is vanity!

Oh,  to many of those,

who call themselves Christians,

I am saddened by you.

Yet, this is what I have to say.

It amazes me,

that you call yourselves Christian.

It bewilders me,

that you say you know Jesus -

that you say you know God.

Yet, the things you do,

the things you say,

your ideas -

they are immoral.

Have you no shame?

If you know Jesus like you say,

do you not fear him?

Oh, the wickedness of this world,

and yet, there is so little salt.









  • Claudelle DeLuna

    Excellent poem! Dion

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