i waited

I waited on the little blue couch that's on the porch, And I waited
I waited for the clock to turn time for the mail
I waited until I heard the mail truck come down the road
I waited until I saw it stop outside my house, And I waited until it put the mail in and drive away
I slowly got up, stepping down the porch as I took a deep breath
in....Then out.....
I tried not to run out to the mailbox
I tried to keep my nerves down
I kept telling myself that your letter was in there
I reached the mailbox and I waited,
I waited and stared at the box urging myself to open it....
I finally did
I pulled out the little mail that was in there.
I closed my eyes and I waited
I waited before looking through the four letters that were in my hand.
Telling myself it was there
I breathed in
I breathed out
I then opened my eyes and looked down
I looked at all four letters
I stood still not moving
It wasn't there
I breathed in....then out...
I slowly closed the mailbox and walked back up the driveway
The whole walk back I told myself that the letter was coming
That it was just late
But deep down I felt another wave of disappointment
Because I didn't get my letter from you.

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