He loves his wife so much. 

They share a bed with love. 

she chose the right side which forces him to choose the left. But yet he still loves his wife dearly. 

She grabs a woven comfy blanket only to cuddle with herself in a selfish act against him. 


This does not discourage him because he has that Same fiery love in his heart since day one so he hops in under the blanket to cuddle with her, his queen, his right hand the one who has his heart. 

But she jumps and pushes away as if he is a stranger to her as if he was a plague or disease forcing him to sleep on his side with his uncomfortable blanket. 

Still he loves his wife as if they were fresh into the relationship.....

Morning  light hits his face but before he says grace for the new day he makes his way to the one that gave him life. 

To the one that gives him a reason to breathe, his peace of mind. He reaches in for that special good morning kiss. 

But she gives him a friendship peck on the lips leaving him confused. Puzzled. And Lost. 

Yet still this man goes on and remain loyal to her for it is a fact that he loves his wife. 

He loves her so much that he would give his own life many times over to protect her despite the turn downs he has received. 

So he sits and ponders real hard thinking he is the blame for the distance. 

Punishing himself for The error he has made between them because he loves her to the point of no return. 


As he ponders he realized that his heart was being mistreated, stepped on, deemed useless in her world. 

He breaks out in a ugly cry for it had hit him. He was not the blame. 

He was lost in loving her that he did not stop to receive his love from her. 

Selfish in making sure she was the center of his universe, while she ignored him 

  • Author: heartbreak (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 1st, 2019 01:28
  • Comment from author about the poem: Wrote this in a time of confusion with my place in my marriage. I felt negligented my wife or was it love in general. Again my writings is not here to get recognition but here from my own purpose. Thank you and enjoy 😊
  • Category: Sad
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  • Bo

    Though you say you’re no writer, your words flow with such feeling and give an understanding that I find it hard to believe you’re not a writer. Anyone can write but it takes feeling and heart to bring a story to life, even in just a few words.

    • heartbreak

      Thank you very much for the comment I appreciate that you enjoyed it

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