Only With God

I can be decicive,

only with the help of God.

I can be persuasive,

only with the help of God.

It is nice to have family and friends,

but, all I REALLY need is God.

Sure some people,

are more dependable than others,

but I can always rely on God.

Some people will always be mean,

but I can always turn to God.

Some people will always,

show compassion,

but no one can give me comfort like God.

All things will pass away,

but God will never leave nor forsake.

People will try and trick me,

but I will not fall,

so long as I have God.

I can stand boldly like a lion,

but humble like a lamb,

before a wolf,

but only if I have God.

I feel His presence,

all around me.

I see his work, and I have faith.

So I KNOW without a doubt,

that I have God.



  • Ternic73

    beautifully written

    • ForeverJesus6

      Thank you, I appreciate it.

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