So alone


I sat trapped on that seat,

Wondering how to escape this nightmare

My 6 year old self scared and alone

I don’t know how to stop it


His cold hands on my body

Telling me to not tell

Please someone help me

There are so many people around me


Why doesn't anyone see me

I’ve never ever felt so alone

I look at my D.S. trying to think about something else

It happened all the time, almost every day


Sitting on that bus thinking it was normal

This happens to everyone, Right?

I don’t really know yet that this will change me forever

My mom tells me that stuff like what was happening wasn’t ok


I tell her the next day crying

I don’t remember a lot

I do remember his cold hand on my body

Looking at my D.S. trying to think of something else


Me sitting there all alone and scared

Looking around for someone to help me

Pleading for someone to help me

Hoping  he doesn’t hurt me


My family tries to help me

Everyday I still remember it

His wide eyes watching me

His little brother threatens me


I’ve never felt so alone.


  • Candlewitch


    any kind of abuse is not "okay" but unfortunately, it happens far too often! I know what it is like to be a victim in this ugliness...you are not alone!

    *hugs, Cat

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