O.G. Tone

My momma woke me up said Son I need to go

I need you to take care of the kids

You are the oldest brother bro

I said momma don't trip I got your back

She said a white man is picking me up in a new Cadillac

I said what momma

What the hell is going on

She said babyboy I need to get this money

Is what's going on Son

I said what momma you a Hoe now

She told me hold on Lil' Nigga

Momma is a professional women

I know how to get legit money

Do me going out with a White man offend you

Or make me a Hoe

I said no momma it doesn't

I watched as my momma walked out the door

I woke the kids up

Feed them got them dressed took them to school

In went to school myself

I was in class wondering all day what is going on with my momma

She is scaring me to death

How she woke me up in left

After school I picked the kids back up took them home

Made sure they did there home work

Waiting on my momma to come home

I feed the kids dinner

Then I jumped on the phone

I fell asleep talking to a girl in my class

Dreaming I had brought her home with me

I woke up the next morning momma still not home

Now I started to trip out

The kids started to asking questions

All I could think about

Was my momma saying

A White man in a new Cadillac was picking her up

I started to get mad in curse her

Bitch wanted me to watch her fucking kids

While she is out fucking this White mutha fucka

These fucking kids are getting on my nerves

Where the fuck is this Bitch

I am crying in mad

She left me with these fucking kids

Like I am there fucking Dad

When my momma walks through the door I am slapping her face

I am going to tell her how the fuck I feel

You been out with this fucking White man I am going to say

All night long

He is not even our fucken race

Calm down Lil' Brutha I told myself

I was all prepared to leave these fucking kids

In let them fend for themselves

When the door opens up in my tired momma walks in

I wanted to explode

But I just kept my emotions to myself

She pulled me to the side in said Son you know why I left

I said yeah you were going to get money I guess

I said you left in fucked that white man for money

In came back home like you left smelling like a Hoe

My tired momma picked me up by my shirt

Slammed me to the floor

She said I would never be nobody's fucking Hoe

Are you stupid boy she said to me

That white man is my Professor for your information

He is helping me get back into College

Helping me with my financial aid

That's what I meant about going to get money

I am a semester away from receiving my MBA

In Computer Science

I want all of us to live free from these violent streets of Chicago

I just put my Big head down in cried like a baby

My momma pulled me close in said I love you Son

I would never lie to you or the rest of the kids

If I was a Hoe I would have told you

I have nothing to be ashamed of believe me I have seen worse

Just always no there is nothing wrong with being a Hoe

If a Hoe has to feed her family

In there is no money in the house

A women has to do what she dose

But that don't make her a Hoe

It makes her a mommy


  • Author: O.G. Tone (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 3rd, 2019 13:00
  • Comment from author about the poem: This poem is about a mother wanting better for her family
  • Category: Unclassified
  • Views: 32
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  • heartbreak

    Dude you killed this I have much respect for you. Keep writing you have a story to tell

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