Black words written across a white page

A fake smile holding back my outrage

A soft voice disguising a harsh scream

An angered, painful scream


Demons on the inside, angels on the out

Darkness tearing me apart from within

But perfection on the surface

No clue to what lies just under my skin


No dreams dreamed to ever fulfil

No silver-lined cloud onto which to ride

No reprise from the grind of depressive thoughts

Fist clenched tight; muscles taut


No dreams dreamed to ever fulfil

No cloud number nine onto which to ride

No reprise from the drain of oppressive thoughts

Legs cramped; unable to walk


Dark words scrawled across a light page

Shining eyes hiding an inner rage

Pink flesh covering a scarred heart

A lifeless, jaded heart


Monsters on the inside, angels on the out

Evil ripping me in two from within

But an exterior of calm

No clue to what crawls just under the skin


© 2019 Unsub


  • Jason Vancelette (AKA Pharaoh33)

    Another of your masterpieces...I like this one a lot..

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  • orchidee

    Told ya - though I had forgotten about it recently - you reminded me of it! Ooh now let's not be hasty - cup of tea, slice of cake, and all that stuff. Should fix most things hopefully!

    • Unsub


      prozac & JD also works just as well.


    • Fay Slimm

      A haunt of a read with powerfully dark tones which feels like a song with its verses and chorus. Good write Unsub.

      • Unsub


        many thanks for the read & comment; most appreciated,


      • dusk arising

        Dark and troubled but contained. Safe in public? Well, safer than Miss Piggy, one wrong look and she's volatile.
        Hmmm safe to a point.

        • Unsub


          Miss Piggy always scared me as a child.


        • psychofemale

          hauntingly beautiful

          • Unsub


            yes I've been called that many times! LOL!


          • Goldfinch60

            Another dark and wonderful write Unsub but those Angels will never give up and will pull you from the darkness within and bring you into the light.

            • Unsub


              I wish they'd leave me alone...seems they also have the same motto as many here on MPS. "persistence is key"



            • sylviasearcher

              I like the metaphor of taut, it gives a sense of strain as I pain through these words.

              I interpreted this on a few different levels each time I read it.

              The inner torment of depression but a mask of okay, and the same metaphor could be applied to many a sickness.

              Like the sickness of humankind.

              Then it began me to puzzle of the inner and the outer. Are either more real or true?

              Cathartic yet thought provoking piece.

              • Unsub


                glad it gave you various directions of thought as it was a combination of themes,


              • Syd

                This poem kinda reminds me of how I feel sometimes. Excellent lyrics.

                - Syd

                • Unsub


                  many thanks,


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