I don't know if It's ME

I don't know if it's ME or the way my sweater hugs my body as I lay in bed on my phone

I don't know if it's ME or the way my body is positioned, taking me too much effort to get up 

I don't know if it's ME or the sound of my mom's gradually loud voice seeping into my ears

or the thought of helping her around the house

or the warmth of the air as heat crawls through the vents

or the sunlight from my window, blocking the view of my entrance 

or the idea of getting up and contributing to society

or the constant anxiety of being sexually harassed

or the continued pressure of keeping an image 

or the judgmental stares of either curious or hateful people

or the stress from inside a classroom, which I sit in for only eight hours

or the nagging in my stomach from indigestion

or the nervous butterflies right before talking to someone

or the constant weight of college on my shoulders 

or the idea of finding myself

I don't know if it's ME or who I'm supposed to be


  • psychofemale

    i think we all have these thoughts, keeping them at bay is the hard part...i totally feel you

  • orchidee

    We can't be anyone else but our self. Some say if there were two of someone it would be boring! Personalities, etc I mean, not, e.g. identical twins.
    One quote goes something like: 'I shall have to be me; everyone else is taken; there's only me that I can be'.

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