A Society In The Clouds (An LGBTQ+ Poem)

A little girl who’s a friend of mine 

Told me that there was another little girl that she had a crush on.

She told me she was her friend, and that she had confessed to her about her feelings.
And she said say's really excited because her crush told her it was ok.
Id known this little girl for a very long time, but I never knew that about her. So I congratulated her,
then I asked her if she knew how long she’d been gay,
“Gay?” she asked, looking confused- I thought maybe she just wasn’t familiar with that pronoun  So I said "oh, so you’re ‘lesbian or bi’ then? " And wide eyed, the little girl couldn’t respond;
I talked it out to her to try to understand what was wrong, And what was wrong and the reason why she couldn’t respond,
-why she didn’t know what say was because she didn’t know the meaning of the word “Gay”.
She didn’t know the meaning of the word lesbian or bi, and therefore she could not answer the questions I was asking her,
the reasons I was asking her.
She didn’t know why.
  And if I’m being honest, something I’ve never told anyone until today,
is that
 I didn’t tell her why,
and its because I didn’t want to say.
I didn’t want to tell her. to describe to her.  I didn’t want her to know what it means to be ‘Gay’.  
And if your fighting for that team then you’ll probably think ‘How could you do that?’ ‘How could you let her go on not knowing about the beautiful community that she’s apart of?’ ‘How could you let her walk on not knowing that there's an entire month dedicated to her pride, and the ride she'll go on later down in life?’  
And if thats how you feel about it, then ill tell you, That is the exact reason ‘why’.  
"What is lesbian and bi? What does it mean to be ‘Gay’?" She asked. Collecting my thoughts I held in a sigh and gave a reply,
" oh nothing. I said that wrong, don’t worry about those things, because they don’t exist."

And again, right now, if your fighting for that side, then you probably hate me. But please bite your tongue and hold your breath because I have a reason for my reply.  
A thought, an idea that is something of beauty struck my mind; And because of the love of the people that I love, the way life, atleast in this area, should be:  
How great would it be if one day there was no ‘Gay’? But I don't mean that in the sense that it’d be great if everyone was straight, no, I mean that in the sense that if such a thing was too commonly known to need to title yourself to a specific being of it. Our sexuality and our intimate attractions are categorized. Into genres. Like a game. Now don’t get me wrong, So many more people are coming out to the world that they are gay, and there is nothing wrong with being straight you should still be proud, and why do you only have to come out if your gay, what if you went home and confessed to your parents that your straight, and is pride month only for gay or does the straight also get to scream hooray. And these all great points and questions, and so many people are fighting about it, and all though those things are important, those aren’t the points I’m trying to convey.

Thats not what I’m trying to convince you to think, but could you listen to me say:
  Why does there need to be a ‘Gay’? Why does there need to be a ‘Straight’? A ‘Bisexual’, a ‘Lesbian’, a ‘Pansexual’, a ‘queer’, ‘Transgender’, ‘Heterosexual’ and the list goes on and on and why does it need to happen, why does it need to be confessed, why does it need to be extravagantly expressed?  

And I’m not an idiot like most of the society today,
I’ve done my research, I know all the strings of my argument, 
AND why people feel it is not ok.
I’ve read the books a thousand times, and I've seen these horrible backlashes and traumatizing experiences with my own eyes.
And roughly, a majority all seems to come down to this: religion, Disgust, and stubbornness. 

But my issue is that if its for religion, then keep in mind out of the hundreds of Bible verses defending this issue, listen to this one that I’ve chosen, I did find online, The Bible says in Mathew 5:43-44 from the holy son himself, “You have heard that it was said,’You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy’, but I say to you Love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you.” and if you don’t know what persecute means, then it means the people who do wrong, or you believe or feel are doing wrong, especially because of their beliefs. NOT TO MENTION in nowhere in the golden book does it say how terrible of a sin it is to be gay.
But IT DOES SAY he forgives us of our sins, and have you forgotten that even the most honest christian man sins everyday. And that's only in one religion, there are so many other ways. 
If you're disgusted, then say no more as you are a hypocrite because someone else in the world is absolutely disgusted by that lifestyle that YOU have so normally, yet you hate others for their own. Everyone lives differently and everyone has their own opinions and we’re never going to be able to live in a better world if we can’t just ACCEPT those opinions for what they are and be content in knowing that you feel differently. And be content in knowing that you have thoughts of your own, and you're not going to start a war, and hurt others so you can be right. No one NEEDS to be right, we just need to make an agreement of respect and move on.
If your stubborn then atleast know that times are a changin’ and their changing today, change is in evidable, but if you must, then fine stay that way the world will move on without you and they’ll be harsh to your opinions too. And be warned that if you figure out a way to keep living in a life of denial, that the farther the world moves without you, the more you will fill with hate, and hate is so miserable and limited.  

The little girl still doesn’t know that she is gay, or what that word means. Why does she need to know? Why can’t she just live in and peacefully just enjoy her feelings naturally without titles, as naturally as it is that she breathes air.  She knows that she likes someone and hasn’t even considered to the thought of hestitating because of gender, because of race, appearance, height, or weight.”

And what if one day in the future there is no gay, and although we'd still keep the charts and titles somewhere faded in the books of older societies and days, but in that society no one care what your attracted to, that it be no different than water being different temperatures of hot or cold, 
And you are entitled to your own opinion, but answer me this:

Love is love and air is air,  People breathe air, and people love, so why do we need to title ourselves for one but not the other?
What difference to you does it make if someone is gay.
Why should you care enough to have something to say, but not because someone breathes air?



  • psychofemale

    well said, everyone needs to take the time to read this. good stuff here.

  • kevin browne

    Brilliantly written with intermittent moments of unexpected rhyme. The under current flow is strong and powerful. I've been bi-sexual since I was 17 and have only spoke of it twice to people abroad. I've cried over it, and died over it, too. For me, I've suffered from bring bi-sexual. I found it a bit beneath me really. I'm 49 now, but still have the same feelings over both sexes. My daughter, Kirsty is Gay, and I first noticed her signs from an age of when she was 12/`13 years old. Through her puberty her hormones were attracted to the same sex. WE never spoke about until her 21st birthday when she rang me up and told me she is gay. I knew after she was 114 she was Gay because there was never a boy whom she fancied, I questioned frequently if there was a boy friend and the answer was a always a no. She is happily settled now with Tash. 2 very happy and lucky to have found each other. Oh, how I related, and felt as if it were me you were writing about. Thank you for your gestures towards human sexualities.

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