I’ve let myself go numb, I’ve been so naive 

Im everything that your rotten brain preconceived 

Obsessed with the guilt of my pain, lust, and greed

Yet still find the time to plant an astonishing seed

False hope built on a cold heart that’s rusted 

A fiery serpents tongue thats jewel encrusted

But I spun that shit around and now you’re fucken busted

It was in your heart that I undeniably entrusted 

Made a fool of me, with sneaky heinous lies

Slimy snake didn’t expect I’d be so wise

Gettin tired of that little piece inside of me that dies

When I trust a mother fucker with a sad pair of eyes 

Yeah I’m livid, stupid asses get me pretty heated

Especially when your disgusting filth is poured out and excreted

Turn my cheek, forgive it all, even when I am mistreated

I won’t let my weary battered soul be brought down and defeated. 





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  • psychofemale

    GOSH, ¥ou are in my head...i so love this. FAV!!!!!!!

    • Denise

      Thank you soo much! ❤️ I’m really glad that you enjoy my writing.

    • Seek

      Fantastic stuff Denise! I was almost getting livid as I read the first stanzas. Then your generous and self-forgiving spirit came to the rescue. Enjoyed this. Bravo!

      • Denise

        I’m happy that you enjoyed it and soo very glad for the feedback on my work. It makes me glad to know that people can relate and understand my feelings as I write them. Love and light to all of you! ❤️

      • Syd

        It's good to have a rant and let it all out, as I often do. I really enjoyed this piece.

        - Syd

        • Denise

          Definitely was in the mood for a rant, which is normally unlike me but it needed to come out, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy my future writings as well.

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