I wish there was a way that I could change the way I feel. 

            Maybe even a way to feel the way I feel without thinking what I think. 

Who knows? 

            Maybe nobody is ever happy. 

I suppose people just live life without wondering what happiness feels like. 

           Maybe some people are blessed with real happiness. 

While the rest of us worry about our husbands and wives living a double life. 

           Maybe love isn’t a real emotion. 

Could it be that we just convince ourselves that this is what we need to do to be normal? 

           Maybe that feeling, the feeling of obligation, is what we believe is love. 

We get married to people that our family and friends like, but we only tolerate.  

           Maybe we are satisfied for a little while. 

You have kids with this person and pretend like you have it all together. 

           Maybe that is what people think love consists of. 

If love is a true feeling, why do people feel it so differently? 

           Maybe some people aren’t completely in control of their desires. 

Is that why people cheat or get divorced? Because they fall out of love? 

           Maybe they were never in love in the first place? 

How do you know when you’ve found the one? 

           Maybe your stomach flutters and your heart skips a beat? 

What if that’s just your body’s way of preparing for a disaster. 

           Maybe your heart was made to be broken, 

Maybe, it knows who it wants to be broken by?


  • Andrew Charles Forrest

    I think there are different types of love like there are different types of hate
    The love of our children is unbreakable
    Other love is just not
    Watch that heart but don't lock it away
    Great questions Bay an enjoyable read
    Loving your work keep writing

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