if you think about it that way

I am far from ideal 
I am not a person you write stories or songs about 
my face is quiet boring 
I've always thought my nose was far too big 
a scar cuts my left eyebrow 
my eyes are a dirty brown 
in the corners of them 
crowsfeet have split the skin 
freckles dot my face from time to time 
and my lips only worsen my resting face 
I am far from extraordinary....if you think about it that way 

I am beyond ideal  
I am the person you write stories or songs about 
I am breathtakingly bright 
my curly hair spills around my shoulders
it shares the same golden brown that my eyes contain 
in the corners of them 
crowsfeet show the happiness that they've held 
a scar from a memory 
cuts my left eyebrow 
showing the life I've experienced 
my lips shield the most infectious smile you've ever seen 
I am far from ordinary... if you think about it that way 

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  • Published: February 6th, 2019 15:02
  • Category: Love
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  • psychofemale

    this was awesome, a great write 🙂

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