I am god





Crazy I am not

I’m Divine

I’m Endless

I’m Omnipresent

I’m Omniscient

Third eye

No, fourth

Look into my eyes

Die, mortal


Bitch, get on your knees

Blow me away


Dear fledgeling creation

Just like that

No, like that

It’s not my caveman grunts

That give away

How much that felt

Like a slice of heaven


I wish you could know

How this steady narcissism boils in my blood

It leaves me ready to take each moment

As the new center of the universe

It’s liberating, and you’ll never quite get

How I got here

But in the end, it's all about these moments

Where the flesh brings me to the present

As the back of my head spirals with the stars

But I’m deep below my conscious

Ready to mutter meaning into this meaningless space

Between cells and fragments of unpleasant thought


If only you could understand

But I’m more than flesh


Strike me down

Thou shalt obey

Just a bit deeper, babe

That’s all I ask


It only hurts for a moment

Or so the TV models say

But you,

You’re made of heartier steel

Just like that

No, that

I can’t get enough


Not ego

Don’t talk back

In the master’s home

It’s not enough

To satiate me

Just like that

A little deeper

I can’t get enough


Blow me away


I’m chasing pleasure in gaslight

Shining on me through the window and thin curtains

The moon watches while the core shivers

I’m eyeballs deep in this drifting set of thoughts

As I force myself to move

Chasing something so momentary before I collapse

Lack of sleep is one hell of a drug

So is caffeine

And the memories of toxicity that ring in my head

She built me up

And tossed me aside

I deserved it, but now I’m back

To being the hot blooded sun

Waiting to ignite the world


I can’t get enough

When intoxication

Leads to indoctrination

Killing inhibition


Shut up, priest

Go fuck an alter boy

You sick creep

I won’t open the door to you

But babe, keep going

Don’t leave the sheets


Don’t leave me


I need it

Just like that

Just like that

It’s more than love

It’s lust

Babe, let’s start over

Before hangover

I’m god

So try not to disappoint

Keep going

Just like that

Yeah babe, just like that


I can’t stop wearing this facade

Not when it’s all just began

This is a time for rain

The type that lets my rot and grime flourish

At least for a time

But now, its sleep

Washing over me and a perfect stranger

Waiting for her to forget me in the next week

Just the way I like it

It’s no fun when everyone knows

That you’ve been the core this entire time

And you want nothing more

Than distance from what makes you, you


  • A

    This is the greatest fucking shit ive ever read on this site. I cant stress to you how much i greatly enjoyed this piece. Its incredible, and with every line, you feel. and with every stanza, its like the heart pounds harder,
    grows heavier,
    drowns deeper into the emotions of this poem.
    I almost never comment but seriously, PLEASE do not stop writing.

    • Chocolate

      Thank you, and more is coming soon.

    • sylviasearcher

      Emotive write

    • Caleb.A

      Wow, extremely intense! Keep the work coming in!

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