when i met you

when I met you,
I had no idea what I'd go through
Just to be with you
To be near you
To love you.
When I met you,
My sadness
My pain
My depression
My hate
It all went away.
When I met you,

I laughed

Not because I was making fun
Or because you had something on your face
It wasn't even because I was bullying you
Because that's something I just don't do.
I laughed because you sparked my soul and slowly got my emotions back on the right track
For once When I met you.
When I met you,
My angel giggled
And the demon that once controlled this emptiness
Was silent once again.
When I met you....
I told myself not to love you
Not to want you
Not to have you
How could someone so perfect
Possibly want a broken toy like me?


  • siranswerer

    been there. feel it

  • psychofemale

    loved this one :) relatable for your audience ....good stuff !!!

  • lainacarson98

    thank you both!

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