Am I strong?

Am I strong because I wake up every day?
Make sure my kids are dressed
And sent on their way
Am I strong because I am there to hold them
Soothe their worries
And make their worlds feel right
Am I strong because I load a machine
Empty and put away
Do the minimum to keep their home clean
Am I strong because after 3pm I seem to come alive
Answer questions about long forgotten subjects
And make sure they eat enough to survive
Am I strong because I do this - no
Many mothers do this and more everyday
But I am strong because I am fighting an invisible foe
To stop myself from just giving up and letting go.


  • Caleb.A

    a great piece to be shared with all mothers out there - great write.

  • dusk arising

    You are the strength of humankind. You are the giver and protector of life on earth. You are the guardian, the educator, mother, lover, superwoman, you are the reason a man toils, you are the passion within man - you are woman.
    On 22nd Aug 2017 i published on here a poem 'woman' about womankind from my male point of view, i'd love you to comment upon it.

  • psychofemale

    I am fighting the good fight too, you are not alone, everyone has their everyday struggles its just how we push through them, and I am not a mother, but a school teacher, love my babies

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