James Michael

Seeking Searcher

Notice of absence from James Michael
My life is for my son currently, no time for poetry.

All the knowledge

All the wisdom 

All the world 

Within your grasp


To see the unseen 

To think the unthinkable 

To feel the unfelt

Within your essence 


The seeker seeks what is sought 

The searcher searches the searched

The seeking searcher finds

that which is within 







  • psychofemale

    love this, i ache for the ones who do not know this feeling you are describing.

    • James Michael

      Thanks p.f.

      Those who do not know can know.

    • Goldfinch60

      Very good write Lawless.

    • orchidee

      A fine write L. I'm seeking or searching for a G.Pig. One escaped from the cage! (not really, they are all safe)

      • James Michael

        Thanks G.P.D.

        Your G.Pigs are probably too plump to go far! You have nothing to worry about if they escape.

      • rrodriguez

        Man this is good... Thank you for sharing.

        • James Michael

          Thank you so much.

          It is hard to differentiate seeker and searcher. I believe the seeker sees what is ahead, and the searcher physically searches.

        • OUTBACK

          UPON* the END* of THE SARCH* & SEEKING* = THERE* - IS - ONES* - " PRESENCE " * ! NOT FOUND* - NOT DISCOVERED* : JUST* : BEING* - AS SO = " IS * !

        • Caleb.A

          I Love the distinction between one searching spiritually an another physically. Excellent piece.

          • James Michael

            Thanks for reading this. Sometimes it takes a while to respond.

          • Neville

            more spiritual methinks than one might first suspect.... enlightenment is not just around the corner, is it.. I am constantly seeking it.... thoroughly enjoyed sir.... Neville

            • James Michael

              Thank you kind sir. I appreciate that you go back to my meanderings.

              Oddly, I came across a poem that I haven’t read in a while today. It’s by Seng-ts’an (maybe). The title is “On Trust in the Heart”. I believe that you’ll enjoy it.

              • Neville

                thank you.. I shall try to locate that poem, or maybe you could point me in the right direction... I know the 16th century wandering scribe, poet and philosopher Wang Tsu....


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