My Very Own Day

Ah yes,
Valentines Day -
whenever that day may be.
I think it is sometime,
in February.
It does not really,
matter to me.
My favorite color,
was always blue anyway.
On the upside;
I won't have to worry,
about all the presents,
I'll have to pay.
I'll just stay inside,
and have a quiet day.
Why be out,
in the coldest month,
of the year?
So if you need me,
you'll know where to find me.
I'll be right here.
Sure, I might have,
a nice cup of coffee,
and watch the Hallmark channel,
for a little bit.
If you wonder what else,
I might be doing that day,

Valentines Day is a Columbines DAY
A Day for love & having your WAY
A Day for cards & sayin' yer piece
A Card fer yer COUZIN a Card fer yer NIECE !
A bunch o' Red Roses fer the LOVE o' yer LIFE
A bunch o' Carnations fer lang sufferin' WIFE
A Toast to the Girls who all flirt so smugly
A Toast to the GOOD the BAD & the UGLY !
An' a Toast to SAINT VALENTINE in this 'is Day
An' a Toast to You All in Work ~ Rest & Play

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