We Have The Upper Hand

The devil always tries,

to mess with me,

but I overcame him,

when I accepted Christ.

See, Jesus defeated the devil,

when he died on the cross.

So I defeated him,

by accepting him in my life.

So I have Christ...

That's great.

Now what do I do?

You grow in him,

day by day,

as the Spirit works in you.

As for all,

the harder questions,

there is a book,

for that too.

It's called the Bible,

and I garantee,

you will find the answers,

to bring you through.


Yes, still, it is sad to say,

that this will only,

make the devil try harder.

Still, the good news is,

you now have,

the upper hand,

the ultimate weapon,

God the Father.




    You’ve excepted Christ. That is key.

    • ForeverJesus6

      I know I have excepted Christ. You should also. He is true. There is no lying, tricks, catches, fine print, or run arounds with him. His salvation is free. There is no contract. What do you have to loose? Honestly, I can tell you how Christ is real.
      Seek Him.

      • LAWLESS

        I have nothing to loose, except my ill fitting britches. I do except Christ.

        Just having some fun, forgive me. I really am a Christian in my weird way.

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