Fuck You Nicole

Fuck you, Nicole

I’m tired of getting high

Off of your breath of nicotine

Or the way you lie

Convincing me this cycle is good

You would just as soon leave me in the hood

Stranded with a golden watch

Waiting for a good mugging, but here’s the catch

I always find a way to dine

Or some fine way back home

You’ve tested this

You’ll never best this

Go ahead and leave me for Michael

Maybe he’ll give a shit

The next time you hit

Or spit in his face

Go crazy, so far off base

In clothes too lacy

Whip in one hand, cattle prod in the other

It’s not odd with your status

Just check the bio for the list

Leave me pissed

The me that cared

We were never a good pair


You grow old and cold

I don’t want your hand to hold

I’m tired of your shit Nicole

Hovering over my conscious

Blowing up my phone

Here I am nauseous

Prone to giving into it all

You’re human mold

In a pile of nicotine

Waiting to consume me

Let’s shorten you to your soul

Close enough to whole

Nico, for the rest of your life

Ain’t set to be a trophy wife

But you ain’t either


Fed up doesn't even begin

To cover how it’s been

How long ago was it

Since we began

This bullshit ready to blow houses down

So long ago, I was just a clown

Without the floppy shoes or the makeup

I was trapped

Under wraps

Choking the daylights out of me

By street light of dull night

All blight


Nico giving me black lung

While Nico’s sick

She’s like Bruce Lee Kung Foo

I’m licked to the ground

She’s off to pound

Another honey saving money with the bouncer

He’s gonna pounce soon

Announce swoon

Wallet on the table

That’s been her favorite vice

But why am I tiptoeing around whom I'm talking to?


Click, clack, and you’re back

Telling me how he decided to treat you poor

Little more than a whore

Jumping from bed to bed

Back and forth from my head

And that’s coming from me

Who’s only form of glee

Is chasing skirts

It still hurts

With a lack of inhibition smashing my liver

But then again

I love you anyways

Like a farmer needs his hens

For the rest of these days

Because that’s how it was meant to be

It’s all me

Going crazy in my own head

I’ll be better off dead

And blaming it on the world

Waiting to curl

As I hurl in the ceramic bowl

Waiting for my bullet in the pool

Because I’m the fool

Wearing yellow

In a town like this

Where nobody is mellow

And blood cost as much as jello


  • Poetic Dan

    Nice flow!

  • Theta the scholar

    Yeah fuck you nicole. Also great poem. Keep up the good work

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