I am crushed by your harsh words your lies & your deceit

& by the anger you've shown me, I have no words left to speak

I am damaged by your vile actions your moods & your contempt

& by the hate that you've shown me, compromise, I won't even attempt


You attack me when I'm most weak

I have no strength to retaliate

Crushed, but still I stand in defiance

You'll never damage my conscious state


You attack me when I'm so blind

I have no strength to retaliate

Bruised, but still I stand in defiance

You'll never break my mental state


I am bruised by your cruel words, your sneers & your disdain

& by the pain that you've shown me, we will never be the same

I am broken by your foul actions, your smile & your fake tears

& by the sorrow you've shown me, this all adds to my waking fears


  • Diamond

    Excellent write. This song speaks to me. Thanks for sharing!

    • Unsub


      it speaks to you? I had hoped the song had sung to you! LOL!

      Thanks for the comment my friend.


    • Diamond

      The first stanza reaches me strongly.

    • dusk arising

      I enjoyed Robot dancing to this, took me back to those days of .... ouch i'm not so nimble as i was then..... Look you've brought out the 'Marvin the paranoid android' in me.

      Take me to the service bay i need refreshment.

      • Unsub


        robotic dancing! LOL! Well it is electronic dancing music i suppose although not the most cheerful robot dance I'm sure. Let's call it the sad robot dance!

        Thanks for dropping (dancing) in,


        • dusk arising

          I would have done some body popping but my body popped donkeys years ago. Don't you recall Marvin the paranoid android from hitch hikers guide to the galaxy..... favourite line of his "boredom? don't talk to me about boredom, i'm so bored i could expectorate".

        • orchidee

          Time for that tea and cake again? We could have a whole pot of tea! Oh, I'm deluded - well, half the time! lol. Oohh, there's too much defying going on. heehee.

          • Unsub


            a sound a million miles away from your church genre?

            We should collaborate but I'm not singing about Jesus though!! LOL!


            • orchidee

              Oohh, just come to me birthday party tonight then! Me 21st again! lol.

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            • Candlewitch

              a very strong stance you have taken in this song! remain firm and don't let the bastards grind you down!

              *hugs, Sis

              • Unsub


                yes this is based on a previous encounter.

                I'm a stubborn bastard!


              • tepo

                Didn't listen but did read
                I can see it's been faved by a few so almost don't want to say this
                You are a fantastic writer
                I read this as is
                Then without the AND signs
                Not sure you needed them in this one
                Stunning both ways

                • Unsub


                  listening is just an alternative way to experience this piece so not a problem if you didn't hear it.

                  I hear you about the '&'s' - always a tiough call when you're trying hartd to count syllables & craft a lyric around a tempo but I think it could work just as well without - good call!

                  Appreciate the input; most welcome,


                • Johnny Lawless

                  A very good song. Any new ones?

                  • Unsub




                  • Laura


                    The third stanza I connect with the most. It still stings when I’m reminded...but I’m also reminded that it is one of the many stings that has made me stronger and guided me to follow the path I am on! Pretty good so far!
                    I’m happy these lyrics were recorded. I’ve been listening to the song all day long! I’m enjoying it . Thank you for sharing your talents!

                    As always...


                    • Unsub


                      appreciate the comment my dear friend.

                      Glad you enjoyed listening as well as reading. It's always a risk to supply a song to hear as sometimes when you read the words you empathsise certain aspects different as a reading & then it falls apart when the artist sings it & tells you how it should sound.

                      Thanks as always,


                    • Goldfinch60

                      Brilliant song Unsub.

                      May your fears soon be forgotten as you see the light.

                      • Unsub


                        thanks my friend,


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