Notice of absence from LIGHT WARRIOR
I am currently working on more light hearted work after a wonderful year of change . God bless you all..

Here in the dead of the most brutal Winter,

I sit wondering how it is that I ended up here...

Fear has never done anything but allow the hatred to enter me

It really thrives upon seeing my ruin

Somehow I let it have its way with me

One day I turned around and realized that I had landed myself in a perpetual hole

So, like a starved mole, I will claw my way out of it until I reach again my surface

It will be everything but easy

This place is cheesy anyway

I live in a fucking trap

Everything in this town is more than twice what I am used to and I see no reason why

I live on the second floor of an old run-down motel, not in some exquisite condo way up in the sky

Time keeps on flying by without me

I am aware that there is a very valid reason why things are happening the way that they are

Perhaps this will enable me to pay my dues

Save some money

Have nice things again like a shit load of bad ass threads, exotic pets, a decent car

So far, I really have gone nowhere here, and it has been well over a year

But, this predicament has forced me to attract many new friends, people who I shall forever hold dear to my heart

These are the important things in life anyway

The narcissistic pieces of shit from my past continue on with their shenanigans even still to this day

They try to play their piss ant games by imprinting themselves upon others who I don't even know

I really don't care even slightly

They will all be dead soon, and they will die even quicker without me

I am the only reason why they have managed to live this long

The hostess with the mostest ..

(Leeches, that is)

They are like barnacles attached to a magnificent creature of the sea

The object of their desire that they insist that I am has never been and won't ever be me

Somehow, my kindness became the main source of their mindless illusions

Ultimately, it left me no other choice but to flee the city that I have forever called home

Now I am a gypsy

A nomad

Bouncing around from here to there

Time passed has made them all unaware of anything that I am doing

They can no longer see my happiness

They have no clue in Hell who it may be that I might be screwing

Thank God for small favors, that is all I can say

There is, indeed, a mighty price that they are going to have to pay for all the shit that they have done against me

Even though my new life is not perfect,

at least from their pathetic hexes I am finally free....






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  • Published: February 11th, 2019 08:37
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  • dusk arising

    Do you feel better now? They say writing is theraputic and you appear to be quite depressed. I hope it helped getting this off your shoulders.
    LOL just kidding, nice interpretation of what it must feel like to be one of life's unfortunates.


      No, this is truly what I am going through and yes, it is therapeutic to write. I don't consider myself unfortunate, however. I consider myself stupid for putting my trust in people who aren't worth the skin they walk in and I have nobody to blame but myself. Its nature.. I allow people in despite the fact that I know that I will be drained of my vitality but I continue to do so in hopes that it may help them in some way..give them some light...etc.I am broke as a joke right now but that changes in n hour with my lifestyle.. This is why I refer to it as Nomadic in nATURE. it is...Healers tend to be that way...thank you for your comment and for taking the time to read

    • Amherrera1190

      I relate to this very much so. I hope that you find a new home to put down roots for yourself nomad.🖤🖤👌

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