Those Nights

 The taste of Hennessy brings you back to me. so clearly i see your face with the smile that melted my heart. That dimple that made me weak. With every shot more and more of you surfaces. The taste of hennessy takes me back to my best nights sitting up with you. I can recall the sound of your voice so vividly as you sang8 those R&B songs. Oh how the world would go silent. All I could hear was you and never had i felt so calm. The taste of hennessy brings me nostalgia for your touch. That smooth warmth brings me back to your kiss, your touch. The flavor of hennessy will forever be the flavor of you.


  • Theta the scholar

    Very nicely written, having memories of someone is nice some people feel sad when recalling but its better to have memories of someone than none at all. Welcome to MPS i hope you enjoy your stay.Keep up the good work.
    - T

  • SerenWise

    Nicely written prose

  • JaydeVictoria

    I really enjoyed this, reminded me of someone I know and the nights I used to sit up thinking about them.
    Nice write..x

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