An Interesting World

I go out into the world,

and I live my life.

Oh what an exciting life it is.

I travel the world,

meeting interesting people,

taking pictures of where all I've been.

I've seen where Christ died,

in Israel.

I've seen the Mayan pyramids.

I relaxed along Montego bay,

in the Carrabean Islands.

I helped bring the gospel,

to the smallest parts of Haiti.

I flew over the Himalayan mountains.

The world is so beautiful,

with so much to offer,

and yet, there is so much sin.

I did travel the world.

I did see interesting things -

vices, temptations, wickedness,

asking if I want a taste.

Still, I continue to pray.

Never will I waive,

away from the faith.



  • FineB

    Hello ForeverJesus6,

    A beautiful poem on the gift of life and what there is to be enjoyed in the beauty of the world!

    Keep writing

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