Words from God A TEST OF FAITH

Can I trust you? How do I know?

Let me put you to the test, let me see how far you will go


Do you trust me? Will you continue to believe?

Will you turn your back on me? My trust will you deceive?


When things get tough, don’t shut me out … Pray even more

With this my child I will open a new door


Have faith in me, I will give you everything you need

It is true… just open my book, and begin to read





    Good Afternoon RANITA : ANGELA here. This is a BEAUTIFUL POEM : I love Rhyming Couplets. In the POEM you see things from GODS perspective : which is interesting ! In the BIBLE (Phillipians) God does promise to supply our Needs (Physical & Spiritual) and this is My (& Brians) experience. It does not matter where we are in the World as longe as we have Faith in God. BRIAN is in the UK (near London) and I am in NEW ZEALAND (Auckland) on a Work experience exchange until OCTOBER. I am a PHYSIOTHERAPIST : the job is the same in the UK & NZ. What is your JOB ? Blessings & Love in the SPRIT : ANGELA. More Poems please !

    • Ranita

      Yes he does supply :-)

      I work in a call center in the US

    • FineB

      Hi Ranita,

      Thanks for this beautiful poem.

      Following God is not always easy but we reap the benefits provided we just trust in him all the time.

      God is good all the time!

      Keep writing Fine B

      • Ranita

        and all the time God is good !! Thank you :-)

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