Where'd you go?

Spinning and twisting
My heart is pounding heavy
Good days.
Bad days.
Good days.
Bad days, Bad days, Bad days.
Stuck in a constant loop.
Design a slide,
forget to do the slide.
Do the Sound,
Forget to let them know you're not coming.
Dont think about your ex.
still continue to think about him
Spend time with your friends,
get depressed questioning your real friends
Be social
go so long without social interaction that you forget how to make a conversation
Get yelled at,
Long night calls that make you feel lonelier,
Get back into dating,
realize that you have no way of meeting new people and would never date the ones you know
Personal hygiene
is it really important?
Who are you?
What are you doing?
You're failing school.
You don't draw anymore, and it's been so long you'd need a lot of practice to be good again.
You don't know what college you want to go to.
You dont care about anything anymore.
You dont dream.
You dont hope.
You dont make a difference,
You dont change anybodies lives.
Who are you?
Why are you here?
Find yourself dipshit.
Figure it out.

Ive forgotten who i am.
I need to make a list.
Of things i like; things i dislike.
My friends, why they are my friends.
My crushes, why i like them.
My goals, My talents, remind myself why i am good at them.
Ive lost myself.
I've gotten completely out of touch.
i cant even write poetry anymore.
You call this lame excuse of a personal intervention 'poetry'? 
this is not poetry, no
this is a declaration;
for the soul.

Figure yourself out.
Where are you?
Where did you go?

.... I don't know.

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