Joyful Rage


As clouds gather for a storm to strike

A lull beckons the gale

Winds get blustery sweeping all in their tracks

When fully formed, her wrath unforgiving

Blurred by the deluge, felling trees, bridges and posts

Lost is the majesty of flowers, their forms fully droop


Smiling Sun and tranquil Moon masked from her fury

Hell sure to descend on fauna, flora and abodes

Nature’s arsenal unleashed leaving no escapes

Motives unknown, benefits unsettled

Our only certainty, she must come to pass

Leaving ruin in her wake


Lull then returns, harmony prevails

As though Nature’s anger turned happy

Schooling us on virtues of mercy, late, better that than never

To cleanse herself of wrath’s venom as greens gleam, reds laugh

Calming tempers, dousing fires, restoring heaven’s blue

As flowers dance sprightly


Recall relief creeping in as fury dispels

Hearts now calm, tensions now low

Smiles back in vogue on faces once twisted

Love within reach, embraces jump to life

Forgiveness man’s new healer

Reigning supreme till the ensuing storm


Swallow thy pride, tame thy ego

Mollify thy inward storms,

Invisible winds and rains battering inner alcoves

Inflicting unseen damage, save for faces of gloom

To thy essence, leaving thy soul in ruin

Forgive thyself, then others so deserving


Nature’s rage at human follies

Tampering her balance, pouring toxic gunk

Onto skies, water and earth

Man too, shun wrongs to fellow men

By fellow men with power and dollar as arms

Masking injustices the decent doth expose


Anger shackled, is happiness freed

Joys now in place, smiles adorn faces

Freedom fully consummated

Love edging closer as flowers bloom

Arms outstretched to hug glad tidings

Keep on walking, to life’s full blessings



© Alwi Shatry, All Rights Reserved, 14 February 2019

Balibago, Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines.

  • Author: Seek (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 15th, 2019 08:12
  • Category: Nature
  • Views: 41
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  • Gary Edward Geraci

    Masterfully written Seek in these stanzas of six. Nature’s wrath as a metaphor to our own...And God help His most devoted band of followers residing in the Philippines (my wife’s native lands) whom more so than any other peoples - or so it seems to me - are bolstered and refined in faith by one horrific killer typhoon after another! May God bless them and comfort their souls.

    • Seek

      I am as flattered as I am humbled by your comment Gary. To a large extent this write was inspired by the resilience of the people of the Philippines. Their ability to bounce back from adversity, their good nature and their faith are something to behold. Our spouses I am sure are testimony to that spirit. Despite Nature's frequent bouts of rage here, I would not change the good fortune of living here for the world. Salamat Gary!

    • Seek

      Thank you from the depths of my heart Teddy, for your generosity and for affirming the timelessness of truths, no matter how trivial. It takes one to know one. You are that one and I hope, that I am too. Again, thank you. No numbers or stats required to affirm universal truths.

    • Samer Amin

      A Great Beautiful Mind

      A mind of a great analytical observational power, reflects deeply on the cynical and inexplicable behavior of the natural elements around us,

      paraphrasing his insightful ideas into fantastic poetic lines.

      A mind that has separated himself away from the intrinsic human tendency to walk on the most comfortable path that has ever been created which is commonly called the wishful thinking.

      A mind that is always resolute to keep walking on the tedious intricate roads which need a lot of bravery and determination and are called the rational illuminating thinking in spite of the dim, bleak surrounding darkness.

    • Seek

      I do not doubt that the generosity you extend to me reflects your own giving nature. That spirit requires an openness with oneself that is sure to yield dividends in your own search for higher and deeper meanings in your life. I am flattered by your post and glad to have shared this poem with you. Thank you Samer.

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