dominique ruth

Saviour life’s moments

Take your time in what ever you do,
No matter how much you want to rush it,
Sarvoiur every moment of it,
Life isnt going to pass you by quickly,
Life is slow,
Life will pass by,
An when life does,
Enjoy it,
An saviour the moment.


  • dusk arising

    Great and such good advice in a lovely positive package. I like this, pleasure to read.

    • dominique ruth

      Thank you :) dusk arising, am glad you enjoyed it :) it’s an honour to share my work and have someone like you to enjoy it so thank you :)

      • dusk arising

        No problem, a pleasure. Now you can return the favour and comment on the meagre offerings from me on here.

      • ANGELA & BRIAN

        SLOW down yer move too fast
        GOTTA make the Mornin' last
        Kickin along the cobble stones
        An feelin GROOOOOVY !
        Simon & Garfunkel ~ 1967

        Thanks\ for carin & sharin RUTH ! Very good advice ~ we live in a RUSHY WORLD and want everythin done YESTERDAY. If we carry on @ this rate we'll all be dead by 50 and never gat a chance to relax with our Grandchildren !
        Love & Blessin 24/7 AMEN !
        BRIAN & ANGELA 🧡🧡🧡🧡

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