Fiercely loyal to those who were born to abuse 

Dragged down into the quicksand alongside your muse 

Blue touchpaper alight on a shortening fuse 

The runt of the litter born first 


The little awarded had come far too late 

An inferno melts all of the pearls at your gate

Driven on by the unhealthy love for your hate 

The baby so tenderly nursed 


Giving up on all hope of a chance to connect 

There's another few units of alcohol necked 

Is the world still as lonley as last time you checked 

Seeking only another as cursed 


Bled so much all your veins are as dry as a bone

Realising your sigh's fast becoming a groan 

Take on atom bombs armed with no more than a stone 

As destructive as ever your thirst 


In top gear fast approaching the finishing line 

Dreams came true when the stars thought it time to alighn 

Say I'll always be yours and you'll always be mine

I've a best shot to rival your worst 


  • Christina8

    Love this! It's quite the heartfelt piece. "fiercely loyal to those who were born to abuse." We have something in common......A great poem, Stevie!!

    • tepo

      We have lots in common
      Great to see you
      Thanks very much

    • Neville

      I feel almost guilty having enjoyed this.... abuse in any of its many forms is never acceptable in my book and is peculiar to our species, for which I am not proud either.... Neville

      • tepo

        Thank you

        • Neville


        • Maxine Smith

          This is such a powerful read, really grabs you and pulls you in.
          Beautifully written as always.

          • tepo

            Thank you Maxine
            Appreciate your time to read and comment

            • Maxine Smith

              Of course x

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