Stay With Me

So long

Let’s call it a good night

I’m gonna miss you, babe

And I know

That after all this time

The faint memories from wine

You are divine

And it’s all you’ll ever be

Or so the fragments that make me speak


I need you

Even if it kills me

Maybe I’m drunk

Or I’m here going crazy

It’s all about you

It’s all about me

I need you in my lungs

Even if it kills me

I’ll die young

If it means

A life at your side


I don’t wanna lie

I’m blind, you’re divine

I see your face in the wine

I’m wasting your time

Trying to get to the bottom of the glass

Call it crass, or a little bit brash

It’s all for restoring that picture of you

Standing by me

Sitting atop the shelf or tv

I can’t get you out of my mind

No matter how much I know

All this is just a bind

And I’ll never leave

Even when you abandon me

Nights on the town

Just a little too loud

While I wait for you

Dead on my knees

To open the door

And set me free

Falling back in the groove

It was all never smooth

Just bickering between bouts of “love”

Or whatever you put

Between your hand and the glove


I’ll wait here

Through the rivers of booze

Waiting for you

Is all I can do

What’s there to lose

With another chance

Another dance like this

To keep it this way

Stay with me

Hear this plea

Because it’s all I can give you any more

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