There Is No Room For Him


There is no room,
for him and his evil ways.
He is not allowed here.
We, the Lord's people,
are protected by the blood of Christ.
The devil will try to harm us,
but he will not succeed.
When darkness starts,
to flood the streets -
Rebuke the Devil!
With no fear,
stand up in Christ's name,
and rebuke the devil!
For he cannot harm you,
if you do not let him.
His best strategy,
is to trick you,
and take you by surprise.
So we must be vigilant.
We must know and say,
that there is no room,
for the devil, and his evil ways.

'Tis true, though some
See him in everything
And some others may see him in nothing
Neither one extreme nor the other
Is useful or profitable
'Tis true and real
Though we say 'Old Nick' or our 'Irish temperament'
Or whatever we call it or him
Some won't give him a capital even
It's 'satan', not 'Satan' to them
Out of their disrespect and despite to him
'Tis true

CHRISTIANS are confronted by Enemies
The WORLD and The FLESH and The DEVIL!
BIBLE teaches we should crucify the FLESH
And FLEE from the WORLD ! But how do we combat
The DEVIL ? JESUS used the Scriptures when
HE was tempted by SATAN : Sword of Spirit
So can we ! Learn the Scripture verse
By verse. Theres a verse to counter
Every Temptation of THE DEVIL !

  • Authors: Dion P. Crown (Pseudonym), orchidee, ANGELA & BRIAN
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  • Finished: March 5th, 2019 03:30
  • Limit: 6 stanzas
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  • Comment from author about the poem: We must remember that the devil is very real and very active. If Christ is real, and He is, then the devil is real. Still, we must remember that when the devil comes against us, we must not be afraid. We must start to pray in Christ's name. Also, so long as we belong to Christ, and have a strong relationship with him, the devil cannot harm us. Persistence is key
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