Your name

Is both positive and negative

With its ying and yang effect

The bittersweet syllables dripping from one's tongue

A name that will be carved deep within the crevasses of the indention's that stretched across your brain

A name that will blissfully greet your awakening

To an orange sun playing peek boo with a horizon

Or peck you goodnight with it's lullaby of wistful dreams that saunter within your streaming thoughts

That wraps you in a dreary blanket of warmth to battle against the cold nights that tap on your wintery window pane

A name beautifully smeared onto a canvas or one that brings an aching pang of hurt in your heart's veins

Where either lilacs grow to coat meadows with it's vibrancy or sprout a shadow to lurk behind you on the sunniest afternoons by it's pulsing heartbeat of the accents within a name of that someone.

A name that has dug it's beautifully tragic grave within your thoughts

Entangled in anger and sadness of those sweet, comforting memories that lie collecting dust

Spilling from your waterfall of hurt and flowing across the marbles floor

Where you had left this name to bid you bye on a cold night

Where all that is left every morning when you rise

Is the emptiness engulfing you

And a name that fulfills you with remorse.



    Welcome LILSUNFLOWER (Beautiful Name !) : Thanks for your First Poem : Elegantly penned and a great Subject : NAMES ! BRIAN & I are engaged to be married (Easter 2020) & His Name always thrills my Heart & My Name his. Some Members call us A & B which also sounds LOVELY. Brians MUM chose BRIAN because it means NOBLE and My MUM ANGELA because (In Spanish) it means ANGEL.
    Ones NAME is very precious because that is how People know us as individuals and always ask our name when introduced for the first time. BRIAN & I love our Names and their significance. BRIAN is very NOBLE and I try to lift up to my lovely NAME : Angela de la Luz : ANGEL of LIGHT !
    BRIANS name gives me sweet sleep and joy when I awake : especially as currently we are 11,500 miles apart (UK to New Zealand) Im on a Work Exchange in NZ (Physiotherapist). As your Poem suggests there are NAMES whose memory brings horror to our hearts !
    Thanks for sharing : please check our Poems :
    Love & Blessings through Poetry : ANGELA
    MPS works by reading and commenting on each others Poems ~ OK ~ A & B !

  • Theta the scholar

    Welcome to MPS i hope you enjoy your stay. A great first piece keep up the great work.
    - t

  • laurenroe

    i love this. keep writing

    • elmina

      Thank you so much xo

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