Joe Dawson

Climate change

Notice of absence from Joe Dawson
Called away again, be back around end of October. Be good feel the love.

I once fished in an empty brook,

Naught on my line, nor on my hook,

And now the same applies it seems,

To insects, wasps and honey bees.


Gone from the land in recent days,

Killed off by man-made climate change,

All due to burning fossil fuel,

Petroleum and shale gas too.


Polluted rivers, seas and streams,

Air that one can hardly breathe,

Insecticide and fertilize,

Kill all the bees and more besides.


A sick bee struggled on the path,

Clearly ill and close to death,

Poisoned acres, acid rain,

Poor thing will never fly again.


I once walked in an orchard bare,

No apples, plums or juicy pears,

Withered blossom, empty bough,

What price denial, fake news now?


© Joseph G Dawson




    • Joe Dawson

      Many thanks my friend. Joe

      • OUTBACK

        WELCOME !

      • OUTBACK

        POLITICIANS* !!!!!!!! MORE DEADLY than COW FARTS * !

        • Joe Dawson

          Grateful thanks, Joe

          • OUTBACK

            THERE ALREADY IS " A WALL " ! = " WALL STREET " !

          • ANGELA & BRIAN

            Thank you JOE ~ Last week in the UK our School Kids (some as Young as FIVE) went on strike over Climate Change. As a COLLEGE EDUCATER I supported them they will have learned More in one day on the Picket Line than a WEEK in SCHOOL !
            I will be 100 in 2083 (If I survive !) but the KIDS on STRIKE will still be around in 2100 ~ Twice the Population (15 billion) CO2 levels over 1000 ppm (400 ppm today) and global warming up 5C ~ No ice caps ~ coastal regions under 6ft of water 60% living in Cities and NO FORESTS ! Pleas tell MR TRUMP that Hes the one spreading FALSE NEWS "Global Warming is a Chinese Myth to destroy the USA Economy by shutting down our Industry to prevent emmissions ~ DONALD TRUMP !"
            Thanks for scaring ~ Yours BRIAN !
            Please check Our Site ~ Thanks A & B !

            • Joe Dawson

              Thanks Brian, It is encouraging indeed to find the children out on the streets making their views heard and felt - they put politicians to shame - the young are wiser than their years. Thanks again. Joe

            • Fay Slimm

              You hit every nail on the head here Joe - -- we need this wake-up call to go out in all the avenues of power and to be taken as serious - climate change is a fact and will brook no heads in the sand as this reminder so aptly states.

              • Joe Dawson

                Thank you Fay, I can't believe how quiet my garden, nor can I believe the rank outside stupidity of those in power who let it happen and then when election time comes round spout: 'Lessons must be learnt'. My God, how many lessons do these clowns need?? My thanks again. Joe

              • Goldfinch60

                Such a true write, those in power who can do something about it don't care, all they want is more for themselves and blow the world.

                • Joe Dawson

                  Yes, indeed, Blind, thoughtless, money grubbing selfishness is behind it all, politicians included. Many thanks. Joe

                • dusk arising

                  Good read! Nice to be alive in times where responsible people want to save our earth and criticise those politicians who just want to make dollars and disregard their childrens future.

                  • Joe Dawson

                    Thank you, Looks like it may well be the children who save the world from political irresponsibility. Politics is turning in on itself with infighting wherever one looks - positive decision making a thing of the past - leading to disillusionment on the streets and in the home. Joe

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