Dirt Road

Dirt Road... by Me

This dirt road before me is destined to end 

The willow trees overhead weep like little children, shedding their leaves like tears, reaching down to me, lending me branches to climb and escape what lies ahead, they know my fate. 

The dirt makes like quicksand at my feet, slowly trying to stop every step I take, they are begging me to take the scenic route, any other lonely road but this one, they know my fate. 

The flowers wilt as I glide pass their petals, their pollen untouched by the bees, flowing in the wind, softly kiss my face and attempt to coax me into a deep sleep that will keep me from reaching the end of this journey, they know my fate. 

The wind howls loudly in my ears, singing a song of warning that I might stop to listen, pushing against my body trying to force me to turn around, doing all it can to steer me a different direction, it knows my fate. 

I walk past the trees and run my fingers through their flowy branches, thanking them for the offer of sanctuary upon their backs, but I must continue on my way. 

I tread lightly on the ground being as gentle as I can, attempting to not sink in the sand soft as butter, I acknowledge their kindness, but I must march on. 

I approach the flowers, taking the time to smell each one, I declare their beauty aloud for the world to hear, I kiss their petals and stroll swiftly away. 

I listen to the ominous song of the wind, heeding all it has to say, understanding my condition is not ideal, but I endure. 

This dirt road ahead, leads me nowhere and everywhere simultaneously, nature may know my fate. 

But so do I.

  • Author: Bayli Cheyenne (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 19th, 2019 19:41
  • Category: Nature
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