Within these black and white photos, lies destruction and hate. In those once hopeful streets, Now lies liquid red and the remains of peoples dreams.

if you were to look into the eyes of the children, all you can see is fear and despair. families have lost what they loved on both sides of this terrible war.

Families watch from afar, not being able to do anything about it, watch as their homes turn into ruble.

men fought in a war today because, they simply can't put their beliefs aside. By the end of the war, there was mountains of carcasses.

The men who fought in the war, are left with the terrible memory of taking another person's life. 

some have even taken their own lives because they just couldn't live with it.

The pain, the anger, the sorrow caused by a war.

one single war, can destroy all that we know.


  • dusk arising

    Yes war is awful.... and we see ISIS men happily beheading non combatant civilians and placing heads on stakes. No wonder our men go to war eh?

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