Desperate People

Desperate People


Immigrants at the border!


Run and hide!


They will steal your job.

Take your place in school.

They will insist that you care for them.

Also, there are criminals among them.




Do you not recognize them?

They are not evil.

They’re your grandparents.

Or maybe great-grandparents


Have you not seen them before

at Ellis Island

or Angel Island?


It was not a Caravan then

but an Armada.

They came by ship.


They came from 90 different countries.

They did not come here with authorization.

They carried no papers.

They were fleeing their violent homelands

seeking freedom.


Close to half of today’s American people

are their offspring.


The other half are descendants of immigrants

from before the twentieth century.


Now we are told we must build a wall to keep them out.

Are the words “Us” and “Them” not walls enough?


Did we learn nothing from history?


It records how China’s great wall

Did not stop Genghis Kahn and his horde.


Rome was surrounded by many walls

none of which prevented her downfall.


And I must ask also

were there no walls around the Alamo?





Every wall has two sides, the one with no entrance

and the other with no exit.


If you block a man’s path to freedom, do you not surrender your own?


Would you rather be like the chicken, safe inside a pen

or like the Eagle, free to soar on the wind,


Engraved on the Statue of Liberty it reads:


“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free.”




“Give me your excited wealthy individuals who bought papers, yearning for a more lucrative marketplace.”


We do not need to build a wall. We need to build a sense of humanity.


  • dusk arising

    Get real..... the last lot wiped out the native americans..... this lot is going to wipe you out!

    Great rant, i enjoyed it.

    • MendedFences27

      Thank you for your comments. I guess it's not for everyone. Glad you liked it.

    • laurenroe

      Greatly put. The line "Are the words “Us” and “Them” not walls enough?" were very powerful. Nice read


      • MendedFences27

        Thank you for your comments. Hope you found some insight. Glad you enjoyed it.

      • Neville

        What a refreshing and well crafted post this is.... top marks, top man... Neville

        • MendedFences27

          Thanks for the comments. This is what happens when the man in charge is a fool.

          • Neville

            aint gonna argue with fact...

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