kevin browne

Someone's Eye.


In Sunshine shades of evergreen
When it sparkled in someone's eye
Though a tear had not yet forgotten
When branches break in between.

A Robin sits upon its wintry fence
A breast-beating a redder in its heart
Chirping and singing against the sky
If suddenly a Jackdaw took its pence

Those tainted scenes a long time ago
Of Autumn's essence being blown away
Along with kicking leaves, climbing trees
And, it arrived a summer Sun on show

Blistering bewilderment of flower growth
Gardens filled with a hundred bumblebees 
That honey, oh that honey golden brown
Smelt the sweet taste within its mouth

Now the ice has melted a snowman dies
And, he'll be back to where he once roamed
When last year had gone it was time to go
Until the snowdrops glisten in someone's eye.


  • dusk arising

    A mysterious wander through the verve of yesterday and a hint of sadness for tomorrows.
    You have an amazing ability to create a mood through pastel pictured snippets of a life we all can relate to.

    • kevin browne

      it's all in the spirit you have towards giving some essence to yourself and the what lay inside your seasoning heart. Thanks for such a touching comment. Well appreciated...

    • orchidee

      A fine write Kev. Dunno why some people complain - some days we can have all 4 seasons in one day - a bargain!
      They say 'When was Summer?' They answer: 'Ohh, last Thursday; erm, that was it' (and no more days)! Heehee.

      • kevin browne

        But, everyone wants to be led down in the Sun forgetting the beauty of our seasons, which may be in disablement right now, but we will win the day when nature shows her hand. Thanks for your interesting comment, Orchi. Great to see you calling in.

      • FineB

        Thank you Kevin.

        A wonderful write. Life is more beautiful than we realise if we just sit back and observe its beauty before our eyes.

        Keep writing FineB.

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