I have tried; to become

The man; who gets things done

Wielding fists; or waving a gun

Standing strong; never run


I have tried; to become

A man; your favourite son

But I am weak; I’ve come undone

Became hooked; before it begun


DNA; no matter how you mix it

Can’t hide your genetic code

Inside a double stranded helix


DNA; no matter how you split it

I will genetically decode

Every strand of your double helix


Needle pierce; into my vein

Helped my; disappointed pain

Made me strong; high-octane

But my body broke; with the strain


Composure; I couldn’t regain

Chemicals burnt; like acid rain

I barely breathed; inhumane

Head spin; hurricane


Adenine, Guanine, Cytosine, Thymine

Cytosine, Thymine, Adenine, Guanine

A, T, C, G

T, G, A, T

Mix the code

I will decode

Add an extra strand, implode or explode

T, A, G, C

C, T, A, G

DNA will finally corrode


Vibrations deep; inside my brain

Vision; I no longer maintain

DNA; so fucking high on cocaine

Insane; mother fucking migraine


© 2019 Unsub


  • orchidee

    Oohh yes, too much for me. Gives ya a splitting headache afterwards. But how do I know? Have to go by your words.
    If it was not so serious: A guy offered me coke - a can of Coca Cola. Doh!

    • Unsub


      stay well away from anything made by the Coca Cola company.

      One way to dumb down the world is by chemicals...what drink does everybody know & drink regularly across the entire world? Yup! Coke!

      Also avoid water (fluoride poison), air (chemical infused) & Religion. Enjoy your day! LOL!


    • dusk arising

      We will never be what our fathers thought they wanted of us. And we are so much more aware of life's condition dominated by DNA that we are less demanding of our offspring i hope.
      What harm the parent does trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Escapism into substances leads where it will.

      • Unsub


        some of us are square pegs with no hole to fit into!

        Love the comment,



      • Goldfinch60

        It will come, that day when DNA is split and all that will be left is Our Spirits journey to the eternity of light and wonder.

        • Unsub


          D.N.A. is just the first recipe; await the evolution into D.N.A.D.A.N. LOL!


          • Goldfinch60

            D.N.A.D.A.N. will be awesome.


          • sylviasearcher


            I didn’t break the code, but I felt the migraine. In fact I imploded.

            It’s okay though I implode at least once every two days and no one notices, it’s hidden too deep in my double stranded helix.

            No one writes pain like you!


            • Unsub


              imploding migraine...nice! NOT!

              I guess a personal implosion every few days helps clear out the system.

              Yes I am a painful writer & even more painful to read.


              • sylviasearcher

                Oh you know that was my painful way of saying I liked it right?

                You know what Keats says about pain!

              • Jason Vancelette (AKA Pharaoh33)

                amazing work as usual

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              • Belle

                WOW amazing, much love for this beautiful work.

              • Unsub


                Many thanks for taking time out to read & comment.

                It is most appreciated.


              • Clara

                Just wow.... Wow.

                You have such skill.

                CLARA X

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