I Love You Uncle

I miss you tomorrow

I miss you today

a cry in sorrow

for they all say

I'm a bad person for

not going to your wake

it was too hard

I couldn't ride in the car

to your dead body

laying to blank

"it's not you" I cried "it's a mistake"

you were too good

you were too great

I'll miss you forever

and I can't wait to see you again

without that faith

I miss you so much

I can't wait to touch

your hand again.

My Hero My Uncle  

I once knew a man sweet and kind,

and I found that empty place in my hear I couldn't find.

He was a uncle to two kids.

He was so special he swept me off my feet.

Then one day he got cancer, 

but hasn't won the battle he's fighting.

I'm very sad that he is dying.

But he has done what he has done.

He helped me grow up,

he deserves to live longer than he has,

and this man is my nice Uncle Beep who is paying the price.

My family is very said.

Because he is dying from cancer.

He has given his whole life up for smoking.

I love him with all my heart,

I knew he could do better than smoke but he didn't stop.

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