The grotto is immersed

In the peace of silence.

Candles flicker in the gloom

Dancing light on rough-hewn stone.

Flowers and vines drape

Carelessly over the rockery,

They have no cares

Consistently bathed in your

Adoring light.

Here and there,

The jewel-encrusted walls

Twinkle, they are hiding

The secrets, hopes and dreams

Of thousands.


I kneel upon the dusty ground,

Light a taper, fingers taught

And add another dancing flame

To your bountiful collection.

Another prayer, another hope,

Another desperate soul.

Your soft blue gaze 

Is downcast

As though admiring

The lilies placed upon your shrine.

Blue and gold engulfs me,

Holds me,

In a tender embrace.


I do not know

Where I belong anymore.

But here at least,

Everyone is wanted.

The fractured shards of my mind

Are stilled, if only for a while,

And I can breathe in

The sweet aroma

Of piquant incense

And faith.

Mother, banish my despair,

Please convince me 

That I am not alone,

Listen to my outcast's prayer. 




  • FineB

    Hello Seren,

    A lovely and beautiful poem.

    Thank you.

    Keep writing FineB.

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