Notice of absence from LIGHT WARRIOR
I am currently working on more light hearted work after a wonderful year of change . God bless you all..

You always see them stammering

This is the telltale sign

If they cannot speak in unbroken sentences,

then you can rest assured that they are up to something

Something that probably has absolutely nothing to do with you

But, they are all experts at making you feel like you

are the Center of the fucking Universe

It has happened to me, more than once

I have always held up my guard high in regard to strangers

Now, they are all under intense scrutiny when it comes to me-

and they can really feel it sometimes

I notice them squirming and it just tickles me to ribbons

Like my personal yo-yo's, they are indeed...

Their desperate need to get something out of nothing at all

is rampant and way beyond annoying...

They are convinced that I was put here to be the neighborhood "knock"

A "knock" I have never been and won't be anytime soon

Mother Moon called out to me just a few minutes ago

but I kept moving forward without stopping to listen closely like I normally would

I could write down here many pages of reasons for putting Her on the back burner,

but obviously I don't have enough time

All my little yo-yo's are on display in a clearance bin for a weekend sale right now

I had no other choice but to put their feeble minds to a task

just to get them all the hell out of my blessed way

I attempt to listen to the myriad of bantering that they confront me with

only because I am the one who gave them all the light that took them there

I really do care- too much so at times

But, nothing will ever hinder me from giving them all the chance to find their own way

It truly makes my entire day to witness their many transformations in bloom

I love to see them shine

Their new selves are one with mine now

Then, I must release them into the atmosphere and forget

What you see is always what you get with me

I refuse to hide from anything

I love to see the evil cringe every time

they hear me sing at the top of my lungs..




  • Author: LIGHT WARRIOR (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 23rd, 2019 10:56
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